Unicyclist - Giraffe

a unicyclist performing on a giraffe unicycle

Unicyclist - Giraffe

These special tall Unicycles are higher than the normal sized Unicycle and are called Giraffe or Giant Unicycles.

Our Giraffe Unicyclists usually perform a full street style show with plenty of audience participation building to a fantastic finale with a Giant Unicycle mount and a knife or fire juggling finish. These shows are typical of the street shows you will see in Covent Garden and at the world's great Busking Festivals.

Giraffe Unicyclists are guaranteed to draw a big crowd as people stop to watch them perform on their Giant Unicycle.

Perfect for Events where you want a show which is attention grabbing and fun.

If you would like to book a Giraffe Unicyclist for your event contact us for more details.


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